Segments and markets

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With nearly 50 years at the helm of maritime innovation, SH Group has become a multi-faceted solution provider. Each market segment we serve benefits from our bespoke products to our technology-driven services designed to meet unique challenges and enhance operational efficiency.

Understanding that each market comes with its own set of distinct challenges and requirements, we offer an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge technology solutions and services tailored to meet your specific needs as our client.

Renewable Energy: Navigating a Sustainable Future

A sustainable approach to energy isn’t just good for the planet—it’s a strategic advantage. We offer customised turnkey solutions that take the hassle out of marine electrification.

  • Eship™: We handle retrofit electrification projects for your vessels, taking responsibility for all aspects of identification, design, installation and deployment
  • Shore Power™: We deliver onshore power supply solutions and charging systems for any port and vessel type
  • Containerised battery and fuel cell solutions. We deliver battery and fuel cell solutions sized to your requirements 

Cargo Vessels: Maximizing Efficiency, Minimizing Downtime

We offer solutions, services and parts for all hydraulic, electrical and mechanical tasks, from small spare parts consumption to turnkey projects.

  • Steel Work: Premium metalwork and swift on-site repairs.
  • Mechanical Services: Custom solutions with minimal disruption.
  • Hydraulics: High-performance hydraulic systems with fast spare parts availability
  • LSA (Life-Saving Appliances): Comprehensive Service Solutions for Unmatched Safety
  • Electrical and automation: Comprehensive service solutions tailored to maintain, repair, and optimise these essential components.

Cruiseliner and ferries (RO-RO, RO-PAX)

We ensure that your vessels not only stay operational but also provide optimal comfort and safety:

  • On-site repairs: Minimal downtime through rapid, efficient maintenance.
  • Mechanical Services: Custom solutions with minimal disruption.
  • Hydraulics: High-performance hydraulic systems with fast spare parts availability
  • LSA (Life-Saving Appliances): Comprehensive Service Solutions for Unmatched Safety
  • Electrical and automation: Comprehensive service solutions tailored to maintain, repair, and optimise these essential components.

Offshore, oil and gas segment

Robust Solutions for Extreme Conditions. We offer a comprehensive range of custom-made winches, lifting, handling equipment and service solutions for the demanding offshore environment.

  • Specialised Equipment: Reliable winches and lifting gear supported with rapid service solutions.

  • Service crew: all with the required certification for offshore operations


Supply, dredging, wind installation and service vessels segment

Powering Critical Missions, from supply chain to dredging and wind installation, our technology is the backbone of vessels that power critical missions.

Benefit: Operational reliability across varied applications, reducing downtime and increasing profitability.


Infrastructure segment

SH Group specialises in high-end hydraulic design and automation for advanced bridge systems.

This includes turn-key solutions within electrical-, hydraulic and mechanical systems, control systems and steelwork.

We have designed and installed systems throughout northern Europe in the past years. We are involved in various bridge systems, so-called swing bridges, and traditionally bascule bridges operated by large hydraulic cylinders. But also electrical/mechanical operated bridge systems have been delivered from us.

We combine architecture and design with innovative functionality and technology.