Launch and recovery

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Launch and recovery

Revolutionising undersea operations, our Launch and Recovery Systems integrate the most advanced A-Frames, winches, and control software to deliver unparalleled reliability and functionality. Serving an array of global maritime needs—from research and cable laying to construction and dive support—our comprehensive systems are engineered for performance above and below the waterline.

In-House Excellence: With our end-to-end in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, we take quality control to the next level. This comprehensive approach dramatically cuts down on installation and testing time, enabling quicker deployment and reduced costs for our clients.


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ROV handling frames

Oceanographic handling

Moonpool systems

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Compact systems

Equipment handling

SH Group engineer and manufacture deck-mounted and ceiling-mounted A-Frames for all purposes with dipping and non-dipping functionality.


Engineered for ultimate adaptability, Sepro™ A-Frames come in various configurations—deck-mounted or ceiling-mounted, with optional dipping functionality. Our A-Frames offer:

  • Extensive Outreach: For work-class ROVs designed for enhanced stability and load capacity.
  • Wide-Angle Performance: Ideal for deploying large subsea tools and cable-laying equipment, providing an extended operational range.
  • Compact Solutions: For OBS class ROVs, survey baskets, oceanographic instruments, and more, ensuring efficient use of deck space.
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ROV handling winches

SH Group’s ROV handling winches are customized to meet a myriad of requirements, combining power, reliability, and operational simplicity.

  • Front Spooling: Suited for conventional configurations with high load-bearing capabilities.
  • Right Angle Level Wind Spooling: Innovatively designed to fit narrow spaces without compromising performance.
  • Enhanced Durability: Our winches are constructed from corrosion-resistant materials and engineered for rigorous subsea conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance needs.
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Oceanographic research winches

Sepro™ offers an expansive range of umbilical and cable winches, each engineered to perfection for your specific application—be it seismic surveys, hydrographic research, construction, dredging, or oil exploration.

  • Customization: Your specific needs shape the design and manufacturing of our winches, ensuring an exact fit for your operational requirements.
  • Intelligent Control Systems: Our winches have advanced control systems that enable seamless integration with data acquisition tools and marine sensors, providing real-time monitoring and precise control for optimal performance.
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Moonpool module handling systems

Sepro™ delivers comprehensive moonpool handling solutions for work-class ROVs, featuring:

  • Cursor Frame: Facilitates precise and safe ROV deployment.
    Rail Guides and Skidding Systems: Enables smooth, easy maneuvering of ROVs within the moonpool area.
  • Complete LARS-System Package: Enhance your moonpool handling system with our high-performance ROV winches, designed for seamless integration and optimized operational efficiency.
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