Smart handling systems

We develop unique maritime solutions to suit your needs!

Introducing Smart Handling: The Future of Maritime Operations

In a world where adaptability, efficiency, and precision are not just words but essential business drivers, SH Group brings you our Smart Handling Products—a paradigm shift in maritime technology. We’ve harnessed the synergetic powers of hydraulics, mechanics, and electronics to create intelligent, responsive systems that revolutionise maritime handling.

Our Smart Handling Products anticipate your needs, adapt to operational variables, and deliver unparalleled performance even in the most challenging sea conditions. With cutting-edge features like real-time monitoring, automated adjustments, and intuitive interfaces, these systems are not just products but solutions.

From launch and recovery systems that integrate seamlessly with your vessel’s architecture to winches that communicate with you in real time, our Smart Handling Products set new benchmarks in reliability, safety, and efficiency.

Don’t just keep pace with the future. Lead the way with SH Group’s Smart Handling Products.

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Launch and recovery systems

Reliable deployment and recovery of equipment

Marine electrification systems

Customised turnkey solutions for ships and ports

Offshore wind installation systems

Customised handling solutions for the offshore wind industry

SH Group engineer and manufacture deck-mounted and ceiling-mounted A-Frames for all purposes with dipping and non-dipping functionality.

Launch and recovery systems

Our launch and recovery systems combines the best from our A-Frames, winches and software into complete, reliable and easy-to-operate, systems.

Our systems operate above and below the waterline on vessels all over the world: on research, cable laying, construction or dive support vessels.

We do everything in-house from A-Z to ensure quality control, reducing installation and testing time on site.

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Marine electrification systems

Unlock the future of sustainable maritime operations with SH Group’s Marine Electrification Systems. Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge battery and fuel cell technology to reduce emissions, optimise performance, and elevate efficiency. Revolutionise your fleet and navigate towards a greener, smarter tomorrow.

Eship™: Turnkey retrofit electrification for your maritime fleet.

Shore Power™: Emission-free docking with versatile port charging.

Containerised Battery: Tailored, portable energy solutions in ISO-standard units.

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Offshore wind installation systems

The race is on in a world hungry for ever-larger blades for smarter, swifter transport and deployment solutions. Enter Blade Mover™, our game-changing innovation that accelerates the unloading process like never before. 

Crafted for efficiency and safety, technicians can assemble or disassemble this ingenious piece of engineering in just five minutes—no corners cut on safety protocols. We’re not just keeping pace with the industry’s demands; we’re setting the tempo.

  • Scalable Adaptability: Blade Mover™ is designed to adapt to various blade sizes and types, providing a versatile solution for a constantly evolving industry.
  • One-lift solutions: Our Tower Gripper for 715-1300 Ton capacity is DNV-approved and mechanically operated.

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Life-saving appliances

At SH Group, we’re not just making lifeboats and rescue systems for ships, rigs, and specialised marine vessels—especially in the offshore arena—we’re reimagining the very essence of maritime safety. 

With groundbreaking innovations like our Boat-In-A-Box™ davit and Drop-In-Ball™ hook system, we’re setting new industry standards for lifesaving technology.

  • Quick Deployment: Our innovative Boat-In-A-Box™ and Drop-In-Ball™ systems are designed for rapid deployment, ensuring that every second counts in a life-threatening situation.
  • Safety First: From conception to execution, all our life-saving products undergo rigorous testing to meet and exceed international safety standards.

Optimised Cable-Laying Solutions:

Laying cable in marine environments is a high-stakes balancing act influenced by factors like cable buoyancy, seabed tension, and vessel speed. These dynamic forces put the cable at risk of undue elongation, making tension control critical.

Our products remain resilient against the ever-changing forces they encounter, setting new standards in cable-laying efficiency and safety.

  • Intelligent Tension Control: Enter SH Group’s state-of-the-art 4-track and 2-track tensioners. Engineered for peak performance, they utilise a feedback loop system to adjust and maintain cable tension continually.
  • Adaptability & Precision: Our tensioners are designed to be highly adaptable, ensuring precise control regardless of changing operational conditions.