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RO-RO and RO-PAX | On-site repairs that keep your vessel on time

Looking for green solutions for transport vessels? SH group have developed a product portfolio for electric and hybrid propulsion.

Keeping your RORO and ROPAX vessels on schedule is always very important, so maintaining your equipment to maintain fast loading and unloading is paramount. We are flexible and can assist with an array of services to do just that. We handle everything related to steelworks, hydraulic work, electrical & automation.

It might be an idea to upgrade your existing gear to achieve faster, better or safer operations. We have a complete production setup with our skilled engineers and manufacturers who understand the industry and know that a one-type-fits-all is seldom the case; we can customise handling equipment to any specification.

Why choose SH Group?

Fast response
Handling of purchases
Effective planning
Delivery of class approval parts

One Point of contact
Inspection and repair performed by the same crew
Delivery of certificates

Less coordination
Effective planning
Fewer expenses

RO-RO and RO-PAX services

Examples of Steelworks performed

AFT ramp – Fingerflaps repair, alignment and reinforcement

AFT ramp – Renewal of locking devices

Installation of extra fishbones

Replacement of corroded steel structure in ballast tanks

Ventilation doors

Examples of mechanical work performed

On-site dismantling of thruster motor

Ballast water treatment system and piping

Overhaul of thruster motor

Change of bearings on a side-hinged ramp covers

Repair of the main hinge on the aft ramp and change of bearing

Change of main cylinder bearings on the aft ramp

Scrubber installation

Examples of hydraulic work performed

Replacement of the hydraulic cylinder on the folding ramp

Delivery of new class-approved hydraulic cylinder

Prefabrication, upgrade and overhaul of hydraulic installation


Examples of electrical and automation work

Inspection and faultfinding on generators and electrical motors

Aligning generators with laser technology

Cleaning and overhaul of electrical components

Circuit breaker and switchboard service

Life-Saving Appliances – LSA

Our project managers have relevant backgrounds from the Offshore, Marine and Wind industries. That allows us to select the right person on the job, often acting as your single point of contact.

We have performed and issued more than 1700 certifications since 2013 and consider ourselves a full-service provider. We understand the importance of avoiding delays, so if faults are found, we can quickly assess and repair essential equipment quickly and with minimal inconvenience for you as a client. 

SH Group is certified by Cralog to perform annual and five-yearly inspections with load tests on Davits and cranes. Cralog is approved by the Danish maritime authority and several classification companies.

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Head of Service Projects

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