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ESHIP: Customised hybrid and electric propulsion system

With our Eship™ solutions, we help you reach your operational and environmental targets through a turnkey retrofit solution that upgrades your ship for full or partial electric operation in line with your requirements.

Shore power and ferry charging solutions

A ferry charging solution provides the required power in a convenient, stationary OPS solution that can be specified to deliver the necessary voltage and can be offered to suit any vessel size. Connecting and disconnecting the charging cables is faster and more convenient with a charging tower.

Energy survey

An Energy efficiency survey from SH Group is a total solution that gives you an overview of your vessel’s current energy usage and helps you optimise your systems to improve energy efficiency, save fuel, and reduce emissions and spare part consumption. Whether you want to comply with IMO regulations, fight climate change, reduce operating costs, boost your green profile, or all of them combined, our energy survey will help.

Containerised battery and fuel cell solutions

With our containerised battery and fuel cell solutions, you can reap the benefits of electrification in a solution that is easier to install and redeploy as needed. Power sources are sized to your requirements and mounted in class-type approved containers.

We partner with leading battery and fuel cell vendors to design a class-approved solution that fulfils your requirements, whether you are looking to use peak shaving, charge your onboard systems from a shore connection, or any other marine electrification application.

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