One Call Does it all

By working with SH Group, you as a customer have the benefits of all our competences In-house and one point of contact.

Over the years, SH Group has developed a mindset and strategy called "One Call Does it all". The philosophy of the strategy is that SH Group strives to help our customers in all relevant and necessary means. Whether you have a service or a production request.


We cover all areas of within mechanics, hydraulics, electrics and automation. We produce steel structures in all sizes and for all purposes. We fabricate and install hydraulic systems, and we control it all with own control technology and automation.

We deliver customized service solutions and take care of all service aspects related to the offshore, marine, wind and industrial sectors - onshore or offshore worldwide.

Marine and Offshore Cranes

We do:
Inspections, surveys and certifications
Installation and commissioning
Upgrades and conversions
Repairs and maintenance
Technical support and spare parts
Service agreements

> SH Group has 5 employees holding B1 certificates by NMA
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Life-Saving Appliances - LSA

Lifeboats, Life raft davits, Rescue boat systems, Free-Fall Lifeboats etc.

We do:
Inspections (1 and 5 yr.)
Repairs & Modifications
New build, commission and SAT
Load test
Spare parts
Wire replacement

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Hydraulic service

We do:
Service and maintenance of hydraulic power packs and systems
Inspections and survey
Component overhaul
Supervision during overhaul
Hydraulic design and/or upgrade
Pipe installations (up to 115 x 15 mm onsite)
Hose management
Implementation of tagging system onsite

Hydraulic supply
Hydraulic power packs
Design of HPU and systems

All hydraulic personal carry all needed Certificates to work on the Norwegian continental shelf.

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Pipe installation

We do:

Pipe installation
Gen. hydraulic piping
Acid-proof hydraulic piping
Ø42mm, Walform
> Ø42mm, GS-Hydro

Pipe Prefabricaton
Bending from Ø6 mm to
Ø115 x 15 in workshop or onsite
Pipe end forming
Pressure testing and flushing

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Electric flush units
Diesel-powered flush units
Mobile particle counter
Mobile flushing unit

Draft to pre fabrication

Hose Management

We do:
On-site measurement
Identification and fabrication
Pre-fabrication of complete systems
On-site fabrication (Mobile containers)
MED certified

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Mobile hose containers Click on the picture for big version


Electrical & Automation

We do:
Electrical installation on board ships and offshore according to customer specified standards
Trouble shooting in any electrical installation
Project management
Electric design
Electro mechanical workshop
Test and commissioning of alarm/control systems
Software development PLC, HMI, Scada
We offer wire diagram update in PCSchematic and Caddy++, which can be delivered in DWG format
Supplier of Ex panels according to ATEX and IECEx
Thermographic inspection
Certified to repair and overhaul CEMP Ex electric motors

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Electro Mechanical workshop

Our workshop is equipped specifically for the repair and overhaul of electrical motors and generators.

We do:
Machine washing station
Drying oven
Vacuum drying oven
Armature balancing machinery
Testing stations
Painting cabin
Laser alignment and vibration detection equipment

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Preservation is the practice of preventative maintenance on equipment and systems primarily against the degradations caused by climate.

We do:
Preservation project management
Integration of preservation procedure and schedule into existing operation and maintenance programs
Complete overview of preservation products for the project or installation
Marking and sealing procedures
Preservation program for spare parts on stock
Short and long-term preservation

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Workshop facilities

With more than 50 highly experienced engineers and technicians, We are skilled in designing solutions that technically and economically meet any demands you might have.

We have our own Inhouse production- and test facilities with up-to-date machinery and educated workers. Combined, We are able to run production faster and under constant surveilance and dialog between all people involved. As a result, We can resolve issues faster and deliver a better result on time!

Inhouse production facilities
Engineering department
Steel workshop
Hydraulic and Mechanical workshop
Electrical and Automation workshop

> Workshops in Denmark and Norway