One Call Does it all

By working with SH Group, you as a customer have the benefits of all our competences In-house and one point of contact.

Over the years, SH Group has developed a mindset and strategy called "One Call Does it all". The philosophy of the strategy is that SH Group strives to help our customers in all relevant and necessary means. Whether you have a service or a production request.


We cover all areas of within mechanics, hydraulics, electrics and automation. We produce steel structures in all sizes and for all purposes. We fabricate and install hydraulic systems, and we control it all with own control technology and automation.

We deliver customized service solutions and take care of all service aspects related to the offshore, marine, wind and industrial sectors - onshore or offshore worldwide.

Inspection . Troubleshooting . Repair 

Areas of expertise

We do:
Service & Aftersales
Planning and follow-up of service intervals
Modification & Rebuilding
Renting out our skilled engineers/operators

Our Service department performs aftermarket spare-part deliveries and service on own equipment, like maintenance, modifications, overhaul, testing and installation services that fulfil class requirements within mechanical and hydraulic systems as well as electro & automation equipment.

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At SH Group we spool wire rope onto drums on either 3rd party winches or onto our own produced Sepro winches. We have all the right tools and competences to handle all types of cables and umbilicals for all purposes such as research equipment, ROV handling or cable laying equipment.

Our equipment for spooling consists of a Storage Drum and a 15T Spooling tensioner with data storage. These spooling devices guarantee a smooth and perfect spooling. Being built as Flat rack containers, they will fit any environment onshore and offshore, inside or outside.

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