Our product line Sepro™ has got one the most comprehensive product portfolios in the market for LARS (Launch & Recovery Systems) and has an extensive experience and knowledge within design, engineering, project management and production.

ROV Handling Systems

Sepro™ offers turnkey system deliveries including system integration as well as single product deliveries. Design, production, assembly and testing are carried out at one of SH Group’s locations. This is done deliberately to ensure optimum control of quality and functionality for each individual delivery. We have an excellent track record with the majority of these systems in daily operations worldwide.

Ocean Observer w/RALW, HPU and control system on one 20ft footprint, with two winches in´one skid for “redundance” operation.

Complete LARS™ on a 20ft footprint Ocean Observer Winch, DPL A-frame, HPU and control system.

Deck mounted DPL™ – Compact solution for limited
deck space. The DPL™ lifts the ROV and TMS between
the legs.

Deck mounted SPL™ – The simplified version of DPL.
All the features from the DPL except the extension.”



ROV Handling Winches

Ex Zone 2. Replacable Drum
Bespoke Design

Ex Zone 2
Bespoke Design


Oceangraphic Winches

10ft container dimension.
Free flying ROV Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design

SDC Winch
Bespoke Design

Oceanographic Research

Deep Sea research equipment for mounting on naval inspection vessels for artic use. The design temperature is -30°C to +40°C. The LARS System consists of two hydraulic winches: 50 kN Winch/10 kN Winch and A-Frame 80 kN with a hydraulic extension boom to deploy and recover scientific instrumentation (CTD and water sampling rosette, seismic equipment and cable sheaves for up to 4000m
with 16mm rope/wire.

Dive System Handling

Our delivery supports the 24 man twin-bell diving system installed on board DSV Deep Explorer, a DP3 class diving support vessel with a state-of-the-art dive control system.

Work Class ROV Moon Pool Launch system. The A-frame design allows the equipment to fully retract from the Moon Pool area making it available for other equipment. TMS/ROV latches underwater and the Active Cursor reliefs the tension on the umbilical during moon pool transition.

Moon Pool Solutions

Work Class ROV Moon Pool Launch system. The design comprises a latch beam and associated AHC latch beam winch for latching with TMS/ROV 30m below the keel in AHC mode. In the moonpool the latch beam mates with the cursor securing a safe transition through the moon pool.