Customized solutions for Offshore Wind


Customized solutions for Offshore Wind.

Our speciality is customized handling solutions for the Offshore Wind industry. SH Group is your One-Stop Supplier taking care of the entire process from design and production to testing and installation.


Proven Track record to the wind industry:
Electrical rack and pinion Jack Up system
Static blade test equipment
Fatigue blade tests equipment
Installation/helping tools, production side
Tower guide system
Blade mover
Sea fasting
Tower gripper
Tower crosses
Lifting Yokes
Tag wire winches
Equipment exchange winches
On site annual inspections
Boat landing



Let´s talk idea to product.

With more than 50 highly experienced engineers and technicians, We are skilled in designing solutions that technically and economically meet any demands you might have.

We have our own Inhouse production- and test facilities with up-to-date machinery and educated workers. Combined, We are able to run production faster and under constant surveilance and dialog between all people involved. As a result, We can resolve issues faster and deliver a better result on time!


Upgrade/New design:

  • Engineering
  • 3D design
  • FEM Calculations

Project/Field Management:

  • Single point of contact
  • Full project responsibility
  • Manpower in-house
  • Commissioning


  • Steel/ Stainless steel
  • Hydraulic design/Upgrade
  • Electrical Service


  • On-site repair
  • Re-certification/re-commissioning
  • Trouble-shooting


For more information contact:

Jimmy GehringHead of Wind - Sales+45 2061