Winch for subsea operations

When you need a reliable and precise winch for handling of ROV´s and other equipment in subsea operations.


Powerful and reliable winches for subsea operations

With limited time and tight weather windows to perform the job offshore, it is essential that all launch and recovery equipment is reliable and operational when required. This applies to both our A-Frames and our winches.

Our winches are built with the highest quality in mind - From the inside and out. With more than 20 years of experience and an excellent track record, Sepro™ delivers "State of the Art" winches" with "World Class performance." They are reliable, secure and easy to operate in any weather - even the harshest conditions at sea.

Tailor-made equipment
Our winches have shown strength and ability to meet stringent design criteria, and tailor-made equipment to suit our customer's requirements. Design, production, assembly and testing is carried out in Denmark. It ensures optimum control of quality and functionality for each delivery, hence reducing installation and testing time on site. We deliver winches and full launch and recovery systems to significant players in the offshore industry operating all over the world.



We build winches in all sizes and for many purposes and requirements. Sepro™ winches for ROV and subsea equipment handling are categorized into following segments:

OceanMaster™, OceanFighter™ and OceanObserver™

Our winches are available in two main types. One is suitable for front spooling, and the other for right angle level wind spooling, giving the opportunity to fit the winch in a narrow space.