Service of valves


Service of valves In-house & Offshore/on-site

Do you need a service provider capable of inspecting and testing your different types of valves? Do you prefer a service provider with a proven track record from oil and gas majors? Then SH Group would be a perfect and reliable partner.

We have years of experience servicing valves for any purpose. A workforce to take on large scale repair projects on a ship, production platform, drilling rig and power plants.



We provide

Valve Management contracts

Valve & actuator repair and service 

PSV re-certification

Valve modifications

Valve & actuator testing (FAT & SAT)

Field support

Engineering support

Project supply, inspection & service 

Warehousing and inventory management


- We repair with OEM and certified Non-OEM parts. 

- We perform high- and low-pressure test using, e.g. hydrogen, nitrogen or air.

- We have the technical setup to produce high-quality spare parts according to specifications or requirements, for low lead time and cost-efficiency.

- Sale of NEW valves



For more information contact:

Michael G. MadsenHead of Valve Service+45 2213 4120