SOLAS - A new approach


SOLAS - New system on the market

Xervo™ is proud to present our new SOLAS system which is the most compact system on the market. Together with a range of cost effective lifeboats and capacities up to 150 persons according to IADC standard it is possible to save a lot of space and weight onboard drill ships, rigs, and vessels.




North Sea Experience
Especially for deepwater units we have used our North Sea experience to provide a system where you are able to carry out training and testing without putting the boat on the water, should the environmental conditions prohibit this. Together with a newly developed maintenance frame where all equipment is easily accessible this all minimizes operational efforts on lifeboats and rescue boats – so you can spend time on value creation instead.

Our state-of-the-art specification can be seen below. Note certain items are optional.

  •          Available as ship or rig davits
  •          Available in different capacities and with different types of lifeboats
  •          Maintenance frame for easy access to equipment
  •          Double winch brake
  •          Active cooling of winch brake
  •          Unique Wire Launch System for emergency lowering
  •          Soft start & soft stop of davit and winch
  •          Boat-In-A-Box™ design for environmental protection of lifeboat and auxiliaries
  •          Nadiro Drop-In-Ball™ hook system
  •          Lowering height up to 35 meters (ship davit) or 85 meters (rig davit)




For more information contact:

Sven E. TorkildsenGeneral Manager - Europe+47