Shore Power

Using onshore power supply (OPS), vessels can shut down their diesel engines




70 % emission reduction by 2030

There is increased focus on the green transition, and the overall emission reduction target is 70 % by 2030. It is not possible to reach this target all at once, but we can introduce a number of activities and initiatives. SH Group already contributes by converting vessels to battery operation and has also introduced other initiatives to optimise operations onboard and reduce climate impact.

Around 100 cargo vessels are berthed in Danish ports every day. In order to be able to work, they keep their diesel engines running to generate power. This corresponds to having 250 diesel trucks driving around Danish ports 24/7.

Using onshore power supply (OPS), vessels can shut down their diesel engines and use power supplied from central power stations, wind turbines or other alternative power sources.


This provides a number of advantages:

  • It eliminates emissions of CO2, NOx and particulate matter
  • It improves the air quality in port and at neighbours to the port
  • It improves the working environment onboard and in port
  • It reduces noise nuisances, which benefits employees, neighbours and passengers

The European Council has just approved a tax exemption for vessels using onshore power supply until 2027.


Innovative onshore power supply
The latest addition within onshore power supply is the SHore Power Container, which is a flexible and innovative onshore power supply solution for minor ports. The system consists of a standard shipping container connected to the grid and the vessels. The SHore Power Container is a mobile unit that can easily be moved around and placed exactly where there is a need for power supply.

  • The container can be customised and is designed for a port environment



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