Preservation with technology - world-wide



Preservation is the practice of preventative maintenance on equipment and systems primarily against the degradations caused by climate.

SH Group uses the newest advancements in VpCI® (Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitor) technology for protecting offshore equipment. Traditional corrosion protection methods are often messy, time consuming, and costly to apply, and require a significant amount of work to be removed before the equipment can be ready to use.






The SH Group preservation team can provide
comprehensive start-to-finish services of individual components of a complete preservation protocol.

Typically the need for preserving equipment arises in connection with 5-year classifications of equipment where the owner wants to achieve a care-free two-year period after the classification.

Preservation is also relevant when equipment is being supplied from manufacturer to yard, when the rig leaves the yard, or when rigs are taken out of service temporarily.





Why use SH Group?

We combine many years of experience in the offshore industry with the newest technology in corrosion prevention.

We have a highly trained preservation crew for on- and offshore applications that works globally. Their speciality is offshore rig equipment and they can provide preservation services to equipment that is in storage, in use, or being decommissioned for short or long term storage.