Odins bridge

The largest twin swing bridge in Northern Europe


SH Group delivers innovative engineering to Odin’s bridge - The largest twin swing bridge in Northern Europe

Odin's Bridge is an advanced construction that combines the best engineering with experience and special skills.

Odin's Bridge is a four-lane swing bridge with a two-way bike path that crosses the canal in Odense Fjord on Funen. 

The double swing bridge consists of two steel girders that are located on both sides of the channel. There is a span of about 120 meters. Each movable steel girder section is about 100 meters long and weighs 2,200 tons. Total tonnage is about 5,000 tons, making it the largest double swing bridge in Northern Europe.



When ship traffic is passing the nearly 200 meters long and more than 4,400 tonnes of heavy steel divides and swings around on a pillar with a diameter of 12 meters.

Odin's Bridge will be crewed by a watch. The watch communicates with the traffic and operate an advanced control system that controls traffic on land and opens and closes the bridge when the ships are passing through the canal.

Clever moving system
SH Group has delivered a moving system that consists of 34 hydraulic cylinders, all of them are special designed for this project. These cylinders partly tips, lifts and rotates the bridge swing span, and shoots punches in so swing bridge locks in the middle and is a solid bridge between the two access bridges.  On each side of the bridge, a 3 x 90 kW hydraulic pump unit drives the cylinders.

Main contractor: MT Højgaard


For more information contact:

Rasmus KvistgårdHead of Infrastructure+45 6321 7816rk@shgroup.dk