OceanMaster™ - Improved AHC performance

The OceanMaster™ is a Heavy Work ROV Winch made for utilizing ROVs and equipment in subsea operations under extreme conditions.




Guideline - Standard type

The below list is a guideline for a standard model, but not a limitation.
We adapt each winch to vessel characteristics.



SH Group’s OceanMaster™ range consists of our active heave compensated permanent magnet motor drive winches. Permanent magnet motor driven winches are the ideal choice for demanding applications, such as module handling. SH Group has developed a unique permanent magnet motor winch control system, utilizing the full potential of the permanent magnet motor, built around a versatile and modular PLC system.

SH Group’s Module Handling and Tool Handling active heave compensated winches offers clients the best possible solution when optimal operating performance is needed.
The innovative and high performance winches will reduce the total cost for our clients.  In addition this winch technology will improve the operational performance compared to any AHC winch driven by standard asynchronous motors (AC motors) or hydraulic motors.

Low speed permanent-magnet motors, often called torque motors, open up exciting possibilities for designers of active heave compensated winch systems for ROV and subsea module operations.  Torque motor drives give significant better performance in such applications in comparison to conventional electric drives and hydraulic systems.
Using a torque motor to drive the Ocean Master™, SH Group has improved the winch design with several advantages:

  • Mechanically rugged, designed for high shock loads
  • High dynamic performance
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Improved AHC performance
  • Simplified installation
  • Noise reduction
  • Reduced size
  • Reduced weight

The center mounted torque motor is located in the weather protected equipment room together with the power and control system. This makes this version of the Ocean Master™ suitable for open deck operations. The only external connections required are main power supply, water for cooling and communication for control. The integrated winch package gives extensive reduction in mobilization cost and installation time.

The Ocean Master™ winch is built on a modular system giving the users the opportunity for easy configuration of an ideal winch for their specific needs. Some of the alternatives can be:

  • Front / axial spooling
  • Single / multiple motor drive system
  • Open / closed equipment room
  • Local / remote mounted electrical and control system
  • Fresh / salt water cooling
  • Designed for OBS ROV systems or for WORK class ROV systems

The advanced control system has several safety features designed to increase the operational safety. Local and remote operator panels are included as standard in our delivery.


For more information contact:

Sven E. TorkildsenGeneral Manager - Europe+47 90189627st@shgroup.dk