Increased chances of survival under worst possible weather criterias


NORSOK - Highest standard  on the market

Our range of NORSOK systems show you the future of lifesaving applications. Xervo™ is the world’s first to document what are your chances of survival under the worst possible weather criteria.

The specification has been developed in close cooperation between Xervo™, relevant authorities, experts at classification societies, and experienced offshore personnel in the industry.

With this specification Xervo™ fulfils the most recent NORSOK R-002 and DNV-OS-E406 standards which are mandatory on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.




The new specification also means that Xervo lifeboat systems are a cheaper, lighter and less space consuming alternative to traditional free-fall lifeboats on both fixed and floating units.

Whether you work for a yard, oil company, or drilling contractor this means you will have new possibilities to optimize rig design because your payload, deck space, and cost effectiveness will increase using Xervo lifeboat and rescue boat systems compared to traditional free-fall lifeboats.



  • Four winch brakes
  • Active cooling of winch brake system
  • Winch boost function when boat is lifted out of splash zone
  • Pull’n’Go handle for fast evacuation in an emergency
  • Soft start & soft stop of davit and winch
  • Suspension system in davit to minimize structural impact
  • Automatic constant-tension and damping built into rescue boat system


  • Redundant hydraulic and electric systems
  • Diagnosis system monitoring the state of crucial components
  • Emergency operating system in case of malfunction (electric power available)
  • Manual operating system in case of malfunction (electric power not available)
  • Redundant Drop-In-Ball hook system


  • Proven availability rates document survival chances of lifeboat occupants in a 100-year storm in the North Sea
  • Risk assessment carried out for all product life-cycles
  • Compliant with PSA, NORSOK, and SOLAS regulations
  • Mode selector for switching between NORSOK (training/emergency) and SOLAS modes


  • Boat-In-A-Box™ design for environmental protection of lifeboat and auxiliaries
  • Climate control inside Boat-In-A-Box™
  • Maintenance concept with built-in material handling system acc. NORSOK S-002
  • Ex-proof lighting system
  • LCD display showing system status, operational parameters, and alarms



For more information contact:

Sven E. TorkildsenGeneral Manager - Europe+47