Maersk Stingray

4 Launch & Recovery Systems for ROV and Module handling


4 LARS for ROV and Module handling

Sepro™ delivers four Launch & Recovery systems for the new Stingray class of subsea support vessels in 2017 - 2018 to help Maersk Supply Service and Oceaneering carry out their subsea assignments.

Sepro™ deliveres four LARS-systems for the new Stingray class of subsea support vessels. Maersk Supply Service has expanded to a new business area, intended for determined subsea assignments, not least the decommissioning of offshore installations on the bed of the ocean.

The four Stingray subsea support vessels are built with the purpose to carry out subsea assignments on vast ocean depths. Maersk Inventor is set to carry out its tasks in Aberdeen, Scotland by uninstalling and removing offshore installations at the bed of the ocean at depths up to 200 meters. Eliminating these installations would not be possible without the tailor-made LARS-system provided by Sepro™



System delivery

The systems consist of an Overside Handling system with an A-Frame, SWL 20T and a Moonpool Handling system for work class ROVs. Both containing 3.385 meters Ø43 umbilical capacity. In addition to the LARS-systems Sepro™ made a skidding system for easy maneuver of the Moonpool’s Bottom Hatch and storing of the two ROVs.

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About Sepro™

Sepro™ is one of the largest LARS manufacturers in this marked with the most comprehensive product range of winches and A-frame solutions. Our products ranging from deck and ceiling mounted LARS-systems to advanced systems for deployment and recovery of Saturation Diving Chambers SDC (diving bell). - Watch the fantastic movie

We offer turnkey system deliveries including system integration as well as single product deliveries. Design, production, assembly and testing are carried out at SH Group’s production and test facility. This is done deliberately in order to ensure optimum control of quality and functionality for each individual delivery.


Panotour of the vessel:

Regarding equipment from Sepro™ you will find it:
ROV Hangar - Main Deck
ROV Hangar Winch - Boat Deck
Umbilical Winch Room - Tween Deck


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