SH Group wins large order for the production of an advanced winch system to Hisingsbron in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Strategic focus opens new market for SH Group

Denmark's export to Sweden is stagnant but a machine factory in Svendborg is successful in the sister country and wins an order for a technically complex solution. The basis for winning the order is a strategy to build in-house skills in mechanics, hydraulics and electrical controls, and thus achieve a rarely seen width in what is offered to the customers.

SH Group has won a very large order for the production of an advanced winch system to Hisingsbron in Gothenburg, consisting of 4 winches that can handle a bridge span of 800 tons, including their lock systems and wire discs. Overall there are more than 1,000 tons of steel in the order, which is produced according to the latest welding standards (EN 1090). At the conclusion of the contract, a 5-year service agreement has also been set up, which means that SH Group will be working in Gothenburg for a period of at least 7 years.



In-house competences are the key

A solid experience has long been accumulated in the company in regard to building winches for the offshore segment, which, together with the so-called A-frames, constitute a complete system for launching and taking on board subsea robots. As to production, these systems are technically complex and demanding because they are large, and because they handle the very expensive subsea robots, which are used in all offshore projects.

- You must be able to rely on our systems, and you can, says Jeppe Sonne, Sales Director at SH Group in Svendborg. Our engineering department employs more than 60 people, who cover everything from steel and hydraulics to control systems, and this is not found in many companies in Europe.

To have the skills in-house is a huge competitive advantage for SH Group because typically the company can deliver significantly faster than its competitors. But in this particular case, many years of experience with bridge systems and winches have been the crucial parameter for choosing SH Group, even when winch suppliers from all over Europe have been in competition for the order.

- If we had not focused on a strategy of accumulating technical and production knowledge in-house, then I actually believe that we would not have won this order, says Sonne. The knowledge, which we have built up in the employees in each their technical field in one and the same undertaking, is quite unique, and this means that we can beat the competition.



The future is bright

After some lean years, during which the offshore market was hit hard, SH Group has currently logged the largest order horizon since the oil crisis occurred. The crisis in the oil industry is not over yet but SH Group is dedicated to use skills from here in other industries. This has most recently led to yet another order for the renovation of a major bridge system in Korsør, Denmark but also within the wind industry, the company now commits itself with several large orders.

- It has been healthy for us to be pushed into more industries. Today, we are ready with an extremely strong crew to handle the orders that the customers give us. The production plant is top-tuned, and each month we receive new and exciting customer projects, so I'm optimistic, finalises Jeppe Sonne.




UPDATE March, 2020 - Testing the lifting machinery. The test stand with tower stands 31 meters tall. The two contra weights each carrying 183T and 200T pulled by an advanced and powerful lifting machinery on the ground.



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