Guerra hydraulic marine cranes


Guerra hydraulic, marine cranes

Guerra marine cranes finally in Denmark and Sweden
SH Group and Industrias Guerra S.A. have joined forces by signing an exclusive service and agency agreement. The deal takes SH Group to be Guerra exclusive service partner and spare part provider and agency partnership with selling and promoting Guerra cranes and products in Denmark and Sweden.

Creating Customer Value
Industrias Guerra S.A. is a leading Spanish marine crane manufacturer and known for its high-quality cranes in the market. Combined with the high quality of service that SH Group delivers, the joined forces are of great value to existing and new customers.

The deal also involves exclusivity regarding crane spare parts in Denmark and Sweden, and all delivered and handled by SH Group and with support from Guerra.




High-quality cranes

Guerra's range of marine cranes (shipboard and offshore) are designed and manufactured addressing the needs of a marine environment (saline environments, wet, corrosive action of the sea).

Foldable Knuckle Boom
Telescopic Boom
Short post Knuckle Boom
Short post Telescopic Boom

Clamshell Buckets
Hydraulic Power Packs

Guerra aims to achieve high performance in very adverse conditions. Therefore, the full range of Guerra marine cranes are built with the following features:

Hydraulic installations in stainless steel.
Piston rods with special anti-corrosion treatment. Metallized structures and specific primer and painted for marine environments.


For more information contact:

Kenneth Elholm KejService Manager+45 6321