G.O. Sars Research Vessel


Research equipment

Sepro™ equips the Norwegian Research Vessel with a Launch & Recovery System.

SH Group and the brand Sepro delivered a Launch & Recovery System to the University of Bergen for their vessel G.O.SARS. G.O.SARS is one of the most advanced research vessels in the world and is used when the University of Bergen and the Institute of Marine Research are doing oceanographic research.

The vessel is capable of different kinds of research such as plankton sampling, water sampling and many more due to the high-quality technology the vessels possess including Sepro’s tailor-made Launch & Recovery System.



System delivery

Under construction

Links to 3rd party video´s showing our equipment:
Research vessel G.O.Sars (By Denis Loctier)
ROV Operations (By K.G. Jebsen Centre for Deep Sea Research)




"Since a research voyage is planned many months ahead, it is very important that all launch and recovery equipment on board, are reliable and operational when required, as you only have a specific window to carry out the planned test, sample collecting, filming etc. The LARS delivered to us by SH Group has proven itself as being very reliable and easy to operate. Something which is vital when used and operated by different people on board our vessel".

Stig Vågenes, ROV Manager - University of Bergen


For more information contact:

Sven E. TorkildsenGeneral Manager - Europe+47 90189627st@shgroup.dk