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SH Group is a large and multiple service and equipment provider.

Our solutions help move people and equipment deep below the waterline, cross waters and boaders and high above the ground. We make things move! - We master steel, mechanics, hydraulic and advanced automation solutions and We are often present, when high demanding engineering projects are realized.




Customized solutions in steel, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical engineering

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The construction of the Femern Belt connection is well underway and steadily approching the 2029-deadline. While involving numerous foreign and local contractors operating at both sea and ashore, technical challenges are an inevitable part of the work progress at each state. the makes the demand for production and manpower support.

A demand the large Danish engineering company, SH Group is ready to fulfill with their newly established facilities and highly skilled technical support team that specializes in steel hydraulic mechanical and eletrical engineering.

Help at sea and ashore
"We provide customized solution and take care of all service aspects like maintenance, modifications, overhaul, testing and installation on machinery and equipment on cranes, dredging vessels, production plants etc. Logistically we are used to operating both ashore and at sea above and deep below the waterline" explains Klaus Rasmussen, Site Manager Rødbyhavn. "some Femern Belt contractors especially foreign, may lack the resources to manage projects involving different professional groups. Based on hundreds of projects, we have developed strong skills in recruiting, managing, and cooperation with various kinds of subcontractors needed for a specific project. Right now we are building strong relationships with qualified local businesses so we can leverage any large projects for companies working at the Femern Belt construction site.

'One Call Does It All'
When in need for urgent technical support a customized solution or help launching a specific project, the 'lifeline' is just on call away. SH Group operates by the principle 'One-Call-Does-It-All' to ensure that companies in need get help quickly and easily.  



Service examples

Hydraulic service and engineering

Service of hydraulic power packs and systems

  • Installation and fabrication of hydraulic equipment, valves, piping, hoses etc. 
  • Pressure testing and flushing of hydraulic systems. 
  • (Electrical and diesel-powered flush unit. Mobile particle counter and mobile flushing unit.)
  • Troubleshooting and repairs of hydraulic systems.
  • Pipe installations up to 115 x 15 mm on-site.
  • Bending and pipe modification.  
  • Hose management – fabrication, pressure testing and replacement.
  • Service of hydraulic power packs and systems, components overhaul of pumps, motors, valves, cylinders etc.
  • Upgrade of existing hydraulic equipment and systems.
  • Hydraulic supplier of hydraulic power packs, components, spare parts, HPU etc. 
  • Certified hydraulic engineers and fitters perform all hydraulic work. 

SH Group has two well-equipped mobile 20 feet hose fabrication containers for production and service on-site.
The sizeable in-house stock of pumps, valves, hoses, fittings, and connectors with a short delivery time.





Steel construction 

At SH Group are specialized in costumes designed steel construction. We take pride in creating the best solution for our customers. There we guarantee our steel constructions are not a piece of metal from an assembly line.

Our highly skilled engineers can design and fabricate minor and major steel constructions. Nothing is too small or too big – our engineers have created specialized spare parts down to a size of a penny and specialized designed steel containers, marine and offshore cranes, including hanging cranes, steel bars and steel supports etc.  



SH Group delivers welds in aluminum, black steel, carbon steel, stainless steel 304 + 316, duplex steel and CuNiFe, including WPQR (In-house certified IVS). We deliver NDT testing services on components and all types of materials (also on-site).



Pipe manufacturing and mounting

Pipe Prefabrication

  • Bending from Ø6 mm to Ø115 x 15 in workshop and on-site.
  • Pipe-end forming. 
  • Flaring / Grooving / Walforming.
  • Pressure testing and flushing.
  • Coating.
  • 3D draft to prefabrication. 

Pipe installation

  • Design and installation of new pipe systems. 
  • Renovation, modification of existing pipes systems.  
  • Delivery and installation of carbon, chromized, acid proof or stainless-steel hydraulic piping.

SH Group plan, design and install systems from minor to major projects for various types of equipment all over the world. We can meet all required standards and take care of 3rd party classification.

Stainless and carbon steel seamless pipes
< Ø42 mm Walform or EO2 form is preferred.
> Ø42 mm 37° flare or retain ring flange systems.





On-Site Workshop Container 

SH Group can offer an installation of an on-site workshop container. With the installation of a workshop container, tools and spare parts will be available on-site. Thus, there will be cost-saving regarding mobilization and demobilization.

Overall Savings 

  • Saving in mobilization on the majority of repairs.
  • Faster response on Urgent repairs (Lower downtime). 
  • Two welding machines available on site (typical rent cost of 700,- dkk pr. machine pr. Day). 
  • Frequently used spare parts available (Pipes, fittings, steel profile etc.). 
  • Possibilities for combining multiple jobs. 
  • Will reduce travel & mobilization expenses. 

 Mobilization time 

  • Reduction of mobilization & demobilization time on the majority of jobs. 
  • Spares and tools available on-site (In case of urgent service, our engineers can respond quickly and go to the needed repair location without packing and preparation from main workshop facilities due to tools, equipment, and spares available in on-site workshop container). 

  Availability of tools 

  • Tools are available on a larger scale and ready on site. 
  • Welding equipment, pipe bending machine, drilling, grinding, lifting appliances, hydraulic jacks etc. 

Most frequently used spares, available (Fittings & Piping, steel profiles) 
Spare-parts warehouse / Storage of most frequently used spare parts and materials. (Steel profiles, hydraulic fittings and piping in various sizes, other frequently used parts, and materials)

Mechanical service

All kinds of repair, rebuild modification, or upgrades etc.


  • Worldwide service and stationing.
  • Maintenance, conversion, adaption, repairs, modification. 
  • Check of yard performance.
  • Maker commissioning. (SH Group, Sepro Technology, Xervo & Nor Crane)
  • Equipment protection and preservation.
  • Qualified teams of any size to any assignment.

In-house tools

  • FERMAT WFT 13 CNC – Horizontal / Vertical milling machine.
  • TOS Varnsdorf WHN 110 – Horizontal milling machine.
  • MAZAK Integrex J400 – Multitask turning/ milling machine.
  • 2 x MAZAK VTC-300C-II – Vertical milling machine.
  • MAZAK Quick Turn, NEXUS 350-II M – CNC lathe/milling machine.
  • Heavy-duty lathe – ø2700 x 4500 mm.
  • Lathe length upto 24m.
  • Lifting capacity 200T.
  • Etc.





Production and Manpower Support → Femern Belt

SH Group
Gamle Badevej 2A
4970 Rødby

+45 2249 8965



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