eSHip concept™


eSHip concept™

Turnkey retrofit ship electrification solution

We can help you reach your targets through a turnkey retrofit solution that upgrades your ship for full or partial electric operation in line with your requirements.

Fast track to ship electrification
When you choose our eSHip concept™, you choose the fast track to ship electrification. We take responsibility for all aspects of your project through four main stages: Identification, Design, Installation, and Deployment (for more information, see below). From shore power to full battery operation, and everything in between, we develop and deliver the solution you need. Examples of ship electrification applications include the following:

•    Peak shaving using onboard batteries, allowing diesel/HFO engines to run at their optimal duty point
•    Fully electric, battery-powered propulsion (with optional backup diesel engine)
•    Shore power installation allowing the vessel to connect to an onshore power supply (OPS)
•    Power backup/spinning reserve for critical operations (DP, narrows, and harbour manoeuvres) running on batteries instead of diesel (pending class approval)

Benefits of the eSHip concept™
•    No hassle: You provide the ship; we handle everything else.
•    Compliance with legal and customer requirements for green operation
•    Significantly cheaper than building new all-electric ships
•    Improved environmental profile for existing ships, and for your company



The eSHip concept™ is part of our complete marine electrification offering which also
includes our SHore Power™ flexible containerised OPS solution.



The four project stages

In the identification stage, we work closely with you to identify and define your objectives and requirements. We carry out a thorough pre-inspection of your vessel, acquire deck plans and electrical drawings, and analyse the load profile of the vessel (if available). Based on our findings and discussions, we create a preliminary budget and schedule for the project so you have a general idea of the time and cost. We schedule all onboard work to be carried out as quickly as possible, ideally at a time when the vessel will be out of service anyway (when docking for maintenance or other reasons). We can assist you in applying for project funding.

Design: Based on the information gathered in the Identification stage, we design a complete solution that fits the vessel and your needs, including electrical design (HV/LV, PLC/software, integration with power management and automation) mechanical/structural design (location of new equipment, changes to vessel structure, isolation, stability, and ability to handle the extra weight from batteries, if applicable) and risk assessments and safety equipment (for example fire-fighting systems). We make sure that the design fits your requirements, we seek preliminary class approval of the designed solution ("BAT" (Power) or "BAT" (Service) notation added to vessel class approval), and we make sure that our supply chain will be ready to develop or procure the components needed, when they are needed.

Installation: We build or procure the components needed, assemble your solution, and install it on your ship as agreed with you. SH Group is not tied to particular hardware vendors; we have the freedom to source the parts that fit your solution on optimal price and delivery terms. We have extensive in-house resources and manufacturing capabilities (welding, hydraulic, and electrical) and rely on those resources to speed up production. We have a close and efficient working relationship with Danish shipyard Fayard, but the solution can be installed anywhere as required. Throughout the installation stage, we focus on HSE and quality control, and if needed we can carry out a factory acceptance test (FAT) of the solution with you before installing it on your ship.

Deployment: Following successful installation, we commission and deploy your solution, ensuring that all installed components work as expected and fulfil your requirements. If needed, we can carry out a site acceptance test (SAT) on board. We train your crews and other key stakeholders in operating the solution safely and efficiently, possibly in cooperation with the power management/automation system vendor, and we provide all necessary documentation for future reference.

After deployment, your electrified vessel will be ready for years of efficient, climate-friendly operation.


For more information contact:

Jacob SørensenBusiness Development Manager+45 4070