ROV Handling in harsh weater

The DPL™ is suitable for installations on open deck and hangar applications.


DPL™ - When you need to go deep

The Sepro DPL™ (Both dipping and non-dipping A-Frame) is designed for safe and cost effective ROV handling in harsh weather. The Sepro DPL™ can be delivered for applications like observation class ROV, work class ROV and Trencher systems.




The Sepro DPL™ combines the latest technology from SH Group. The flexible snubber arrangement has 30° tilting and 45° side swing. DPL™ frame can optionally be delivered with a telescopic working platform giving an extended working and service area secured with fences. The compact designed frame is the preferred solution when limited deck space is available on the vessel.

The compact DPL™ design requires less deck length than a standard HPL™ system. The DPL™ lifts the ROV and TMS between the legs. The telescopic arm eases the separation of the ROV and TMS. Separation can be done in a vertical and linear movement.

The optionally telescopic working platform can be extended beyond the vessel super structure during operations and ser¬vice. Operator will then have the optimal sight towards the ROV during launch & recovery. In addition the increased deck space gives better service area for the ROV.

The dampening functionality in the snubber protects the TMS during mating and increases TMS and umbilical lifetime. Snubber rotation allows the operator to rotate the ROV and TMS in correct position prior to recovery. Snubber side swing achieve optimal umbilical handling during operation.

The optional snap-on winch mounting beams will ease the installation and shorten the mobilization time. DPL™ is delivered with safe working loads from 12 to 25 tons and with a dynamic coefficient = 3 x SWL

The DPL-frames can be tailor made upon request, such as maximum outreach, bottom frame length, SWL, etc. to match vessel characteristics.


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