Deep Explorer Sea Trial

At present time,the Deep Explorer is the most advanced DSV - Diving Support Vessel in the world.


Sepro™ - October 2016 Vestnes, Norway

Sepro™, together with Technip and JDF, held the last trial of the SDC handling equipment.
Sepro™ has provided the entire launch and recovery equipment package for the Deep Explorer’s 24 man twin-bell saturation diving system. Sepro™ also provided the launch and recovery system for the Remotely Operated Vehicles.






About Sepro™

Sepro™ is one of the largest LARS manufacturers in this marked with the most comprehensive product range of winches and A-frame solutions. Our products ranging from deck and ceiling mounted LARS-systems to advanced systems for deployment and recovery of Saturation Diving Chambers SDC (diving bell).

We offer turnkey system deliveries including system integration as well as single product deliveries. Design, production, assembly and testing are carried out at SH Group’s production and test facility. This is done deliberately in order to ensure optimum control of quality and functionality for each individual delivery.


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Sven E. TorkildsenGeneral Manager - Europe+47