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About the brands    
The three brands hold different equipment solutions within a particular segment and SH Group being the engineering and manufacture company providing design, production, testing, sales and service to each brand.

Sepro™  - Handling systems for ROV and Research equipment
NorCrane™ - Marine and offshore cranes and deck machinery
Xervo™ - Lifeboat and rescue boat systems

All products from SH Group are designed and produced at our in-house production facilities in Denmark. Our workforce consists of people working within engineering, steel, hydraulic and electrical and automation engineering — many of them with years of working experience from the offshore and marine industry either on-shore or offshore.

We offer the very best in quality, high performance and reliability. We do everything in-house from A-Z to ensure control of quality, reducing installation and testing time on site.

1. Deck Equipment
We have developed a wide range of products to supply shipyards and shipowners with flexible solutions covering cranes, winches and overall mooring equipment for all types of vessels.

2.Lifeboat and rescue boat systems
NORSOK and SOLAS compact systems, available in different capacities and with different types of lifeboats.

Xervo™ is the inventor and manufacturer of the unique Boat-In-A-Box™ davit system suitable for marine and offshore applications. The system protects the boat, the winch, the hook system, as well as all components and wires.

A. Inspection (1 and 5 yr.), troubleshooting and repair
We deliver customized service solutions and take care of all service aspects related to life-saving appliances such as Lifeboats, Life raft davits, Rescue boat systems, Free-Fall Lifeboats etc. Service Marine

3. Anchor handling / towing winches

4. Moonpool Module Handling Systems
For e.g. Work Class ROVs with cursor frame, rail guides and skidding systems for easy manoeuvre ROV. See case

Launch & Recovery Systems
5. Winch for ROV, Oceanographic or Aquaculture purposes
With more than 20 years of experience and an excellent track record, Sepro™ delivers "State of the Art" winches". They are reliable, safe and easy to operate in any environment. Link

6. A-Frames for all purposes
A-frames as deck mounted or ceiling mounted inside a hangar or out in the open. No matter the configuration our a-frames will deploy and recover your equipment safe through the splash zone. Link

7. Carousels / Turntables

8. Offshore, marine or cargo cranes
Fixed, Knuckle or Telescopic Jibs up to 140T for all types of vessels. See case

We design and produce our own brand NorCrane™ and sell and service Guerra marine cranes.

B. Inspection (1 and 5 yr.), troubleshooting and repair
We deliver customized service solutions on all types of cranes, e.g. Overhaul of hydraulic cylinders, pressure testing/flushing of hydraulic systems and hose management etc. Service Marine

9. Track and wheel tensioners
4-track and 2-track cable laying equipment with feed-back loop to adjust the tension on the cable. Electrical/Hydraulic high-speed wheel tensioners.

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Kent Lynggaard Vinkel General Manager - Europe+47 911 90