Containerised solutions


Containerised Equipment

Flexible equipment solutions for land and marine applications

Would you like the freedom to deploy your mechanical and electrical equipment where you need it – and relocate it as necessary? With a containerised equipment solution from SH Group, you get that freedom, and more. We quite simply fit equipment in a standard shipping container or an A60-class deck-house, ready for action anywhere.

We have extensive experience in designing, building, installing, and servicing containerised equipment solutions for the industry, marine & offshore, and wind sectors. We can supply containerised solutions for many different applications; see below for examples, or contact us to discuss your options.

Benefits of containerised solutions
•    Flexibility with a standard container or deck-house that you can move and redeploy as needed – across your facility on a reach stacker or across the globe on a container ship
•    Reliable operation with cutting-edge equipment in class-approved containers or deck-houses built to withstand the toughest operating conditions, on land or at sea
•    Hassle-free ownership as SH Group takes responsibility for the entire development process from design to commissioning and offers onsite service
•    Space and financial savings as you do not need to change existing engine rooms or facilities, and because you can repurpose containers as needed

One call does it all
We take responsibility for all aspects of your project from design and engineering to steel, hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical works. We partner with carefully selected third-party vendors that complement our in-house capabilities and expand our capacity when needed.
We have a close and efficient working relationship with Danish shipyard Fayard, but the containerised solution can be installed anywhere as required. We ensure that the solution carries the necessary approvals, for example CE or class society approval.



Examples of containerised equipment projects

Ballast water treatment systems (BWTS): We have extensive experience designing and commissioning containerised BWTS solutions for ships. By installing the BWTS in a container or deck-house, you save space in the engine room. We source ballast water treatment equipment from leading vendors, sizing the equipment to your vessel. Our BWTS solutions are class approved and can be installed whenever it suits you, for example when docking for general maintenance or overhauls.

Battery solutions: Running vessels wholly or partially on electricity is an effective way of reducing emissions, and with our containerised battery solutions you can reap the benefits of electrification without the hassle of installation. We partner with leading battery vendors to design a class-approved solution that fulfils your requirements, whether you are looking to use peak shaving, charge your onboard systems from a shore power connection, or any other marine electrification application.
For more information on marine electrification offerings from SH Group, see our Marine Electrification page!

Fuel cells: When you need massive starting power in remote locations, or when grid power is unavailable or unreliable, containerised fuel cells are an excellent and climate-friendly solution. Whether you need to restart an out-of-service wind turbine or power up industrial processes, you get the job done quickly without committing to a permanent onsite power solution. We partner with leading fuel cell technology vendors to build a reliable power solution anywhere.


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