Containerised battery solutions


Containerised battery solutions

A shortcut to emission reductions on board

Running vessels wholly or partially on electricity is an effective way of reducing emissions, and with our containerised batteri solutions you can reap the benefits of electrification in a solution that is easier to install. We size batteries to your requirements and fit them in class type approved containers.

We partner with leading battery vendors to design a class-approved solution that fulfils your requirements, whether you are looking to use peak shaving, charge your onboard systems from a shore, or any other marine electrification application.

Benefits of containerised batteries
•    Reduced emissions by running wholly or partially on battery power or using peak shaving to optimise engine and genset operation
•    Reliable operation with leading battery equipment in class-approved containers or deck-houses built to withstand the toughest operating conditions at sea
•    Space and financial savings as you do not need to change existing engine rooms

One call does it all
We have extensive experience in designing, building, installing, and servicing containerised equipment solutions for marine & offshore applications. We have a close and efficient working relationship with Danish shipyard Fayard, but the container can be installed anywhere as required.


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