Climatic Chamber

Realistic simulation of sea conditions

Our new Launch & Recovery System at the climatic test chamber at Lindo Component and Structure Testing (LCST). With this test chamber, the equipment can undergo a realistic simulation of sea conditions like: Temperature, humidity and salt water. All factors that are essential to know, when the Launch & Recovery System is in operation for scientific purposes in arctic places. 

The Lindo Component and Structure Testing is the only commercial test site of its kind in Northern Europe. This gives Sepro™ and SH Group extra means of testing the reliability of our equipment in extreme weather conditions before installation.

Specifications for the climatic chamber
Size: 14x8x8 m (gate 7x7 m)
Temperature range: +60 °C to -35 °C
Humidity range: 10 %RH to 100 %RH
Salt spray: Adjustable from 3 sides
Cooling capacity: ±70 °C in 8 hrs@50 t mass

Testing of functional systems
The climatic chamber is especially well suited for testing functional systems e.g. a crane system, an engine or a hydraulic system.

The Launch & Recovery System will be installed on board the Danish Navy Inspection Vessel "Lauge koch" and put to work for scientific purposes in NE Greenland. See more

Size: 14x8x8 m (gate 7x7 m)

For more information contact:

Jeppe SonneGroup Sales Director+45 4055