Blade Mover

Fast, easy and extremely manoeuvrable


NextGen Wind Blade Mover: Ready to Conquer Rough Ground

New easy-to-maneuver transportation solution enables safe, easy and secure transportation of large wind blades on rough and uneven surfaces.

Wind turbines are reaching new heights in the pursuit of increased efficiency. And the market is demanding larger blades than ever. But larger blades are not easy to transport and maneuver. Especially not on rough, uneven surfaces with narrow space, which are often the conditions of today’s storage sites. Without the proper equipment the operation is both difficult, dangerous and very time-consuming. And the risks of damaging the blades and increasing repair costs are high.

In other words: new and improved solutions for transport and reduced handling times are needed. This is why SH Group developed The Blade Mover System. A dual transport system with unmatched lifting capacity, rock-solid stability and excellent driving abilities. A solution that makes transportation and maneuvering of large blades not only easy, safe and secure, but also less time consuming. Even off-road.

Today the Blade Mover System by SH Group is in full operation on several storage sites for a leading global blade manufacturer.



Dual transport system

Root-End mover
The Root-End mover is a Wide combi trailer, pulled by a vehicle, tractor or similar, and a well-proven product from Scheuerle.  

The Root-end mover is capable of adjusting the platform in height via suspension groups to ensure a perfect fit when being (dis)mounted. All functions, including fork lifting operations, can be operated from the hydraulic panel.

On-demand delivery of customized interface solutions, as well as dimensions of the combi trailer, e.g. stability, are possible due to the flexible platform.

Dimensions (shown configuration):  L: 13.2m. W: min. 3.5m / max. 4.8m. H: 1.1m +/- 350mm

Tip-End mover
Tip-End mover is a Self-propelled lifting transporter and the second part of the transport system. The steering of the tip end vehicle is done by a technician walking next to the mover with a wireless remote control. It is a sophisticated and extremely manoeuvrable vehicle which allows precision-positioning due to its All-wheel steering programs known from SPMT vehicles.

Dimensions (shown configuration):  L: 6.2m. H: min 1.7m max. 4.4m. W: 5.3m. SWL 28T

Blades of tomorrow
Both the root-end and tip-end, due to its robust construction and unique design, are capable of transporting the blades of tomorrow. With the centre of gravity of the rotor blade in mind and focus on stability, the blade mover is scaleable in size up to transporting +80T in the current configuration.



All-wheel steering

The sophisticated steering technology of the SPMT allows precision-positioning of the Blade Mover. The Blade Mover and its electronic all-wheel steering make it extremely manoeuvrable with the built-in steering program. To compensate uneven ground, the vehicle is equipped with hydraulic axle compensation.




Benefits of the Blade Mover System includes:

•    Easy-to-maneuver: The technician handles the operation from a wireless remote control
•    Time-saving: Reduced handling time during transport and maneuvering of the blades
•    Sophisticated all-wheel steering: Makes precision-positioning fast and easy
•    Unmatched lifting capacity: Scalable in size up to transporting +80T in current configuration
•    Easy to (dis)mount equipment: Done within 5 minutes without violating safe practices
•    Reduced empty-return time: Vehicle can be returned to storage site at normal tractor-speed
•    Easy storage: Tip-end mover is loaded on top of the root-end for easy return and storage
•    Highly customizable: The Blade Mover System can be customized to fit your specific needs
•    Approved and tested: The solution is approved and in full operation on several storage sites


Download Blade Mover Brochure (.pdf)

Watch video on YouTube

Watch video on YouTube

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